Larry Beck

Technologist | Cybersecurity | Compliance | Blockchain | Privacy | M&A | Advisor | IoT | Cloud | Transformation

My advanced knowledge of Technology, enhanced by a solid background in Finance and Management, has blended into a unique skill set which can be utilized in various sectors with equal success. Due to my progressive experience and expertise in Technology, Management, and Business, I know how to deal with a variety of organizations globally.

I have worked and managed staff in 15 countries, being continuously exposed to different cultures and as a result building up my ability to easily relate to diverse populations and perform well in multicultural environments. As a brilliant communicator and negotiator, I can forge and maintain lasting, productive relationships with clients and other stakeholders.

Respected Business and Technology Leader. Offering proven ability to capitalize on enterprise-level technologies to produce multi-million dollar savings.
Technology and Usability Expert. Proven adaptability and innovation in program leadership, executive strategies, and architectural design.
World-Class Engineering Teams. Created talented and loyal teams by gathering diverse technical skills, with consistent motivation, management, and strategic communications.
Trusted Advisor to Executive Teams. Influencing focus on core business competencies, with feasibility analysis for proposed technology alternatives.
Keen Attention to Detail. Accurate, reliable, and diligent. Always complete projects/tasks within budgets and schedules. Can handle any ongoing challenges. Excelled in technology research and business writing.
Dynamic Communicator and Brilliant Negotiator. Negotiated and closed numerous high-value deals. Worked in 15+ countries, being exposed to a variety of cultures. Fluent in English; proficient in Spanish, Russian, Hebrew, French, Czech.
Community Involvement. Engaged in numerous non-profit initiatives, effectively communicating with non-profits, sponsors, donors, volunteers, and other stakeholders.
– Obtained extensive knowledge in cybersecurity, blockchain, privacy, and cloud.
– Invigorating Business Capabilities Through Global Application of Technology.
– Shaping flexible technology solutions.
– Positioning firms for market disruption.

My rich international experience in promoting technology products and services combined with my business achievements has helped me become a well-rounded professional capable to solve social, financial, and business problems for individuals and organizations.

Contact me to find out how I can be of value and contribute to the progress of your company.