Advisory Services

CISO Advisory

Close the gaps in your cybersecurity leadership

Do you have gaps in your cybersecurity leadership? Need help recruiting a security leader who understands both the technology and business impacts of cybersecurity risks and strategy?

As the threat landscape increases, the chief information security officer (CISO) plays a vital role in establishing and maintaining your organization’s strategy and program for protecting critical assets. But even if you have a CISO in place, they are often overwhelmed and require the support of a team of specialists to manage the many controls, regulations, and technologies that pepper the cybersecurity landscape.

This scenario can result in a non-existent or immature cybersecurity program with insufficient policies, lack of governance, and a limited cybersecurity framework (the basis for determining “where the enterprise is at”) – all of which can put your organization at risk.

Compliance Isn’t Enough

For many a focus on compliance is often regarded as sufficient. But compliance efforts are limited in scope and even if you pass a compliance test, you may not be as secure as you want to be.

How We Can Help

Cybersecurity can’t be ignored. Yet good cybersecurity skills are hard to come by. With more openings than qualified candidates, finding a judicious way to get started is harder than you think.

Not anymore.

Our CISO Advisory services provide your organization with access to a team of skilled security professionals and dedicated security advisor. We can assist CISOs with:

CIO/CTO Advisory

We comprise an elite team of experienced CIOs, CTOs, and senior level technology executives who work with Boards and senior executives to transform and realize enhanced business value from the information and technology assets and teams.

The services that we provide include:

We leverage the experience of our team in managing global and local IT departments in some of the world’s most recognized companies.

We bring to market a superior offering in:

Many boards do not have access to independent IT advice. This is a governance risk as poor IT performance can risk the company’s connections to their customer and supplier communities, overspend critical budgets and even adversely affect commitments to the market. There are many examples of projects not delivered on time and budget, and they affect the ability of the company to pay their employees, to gain synergies from their many businesses, to deliver audit and risk committee compliance, or at a basic level communicate with the investment community accurately.

IT Audit Advisory

Our management-level IT audit and risk management professionals will help execute your most complex IT audit projects. We partner with the audit committee and internal audit executive teams to provide a sustainable and effective leadership role around IT audit, information assurance, and cyber risk management.

Compliance Advisory

The cost and complexity of compliance can be overwhelming, but with the right tools compliance can add value. We work to enhance the value and reduce the burden of compliance related projects. Ultimately, our goal is to help management leverage compliance projects to reduce risk while also allowing operations teams to continue doing business as usual.

Blockchain/DLT Advisory

Our unique Blockchain and DLT consulting services help you implement public and private Blockchain networks with security guidelines and industry leading best practices.

Internet of Things (IOT) Advisory

Secure your IoT ecosystem with our advisory, assessment and technical testing to ensure your IoT ecosystems are protected today and in the future.